Artist Biography
Gary Curtis has pursued painting as a full-time career for over twenty years.  A native of Southern California, he began his art business shortly after moving to the Atlanta, Georgia area in 1980.  Until that time he had spent several years in corporate management with a Fortune 500 company.

Among his favorite subjects are mirror-like reflective silver vessels and transparent glass.  "The sparkle of cut crystal and the way objects seen through it become distorted has always fascinated me.  Likewise, I am intrigued by the way a small silver bowl will reflect its surroundings in a very abstract manner."  The detail he creates in his paintings looks so real the viewer is tempted to draw close and touch the objects represented.  "I am not offended when someone mistakes my work for photography, since that is usually the only medium where you would normally see such detail.  I accept it as a compliment for my goal is to create a real presence of the objects I depict."  When asked if he ever considers changing subject matters or mediums, he replies, "as long as the present work excites me and lends itself to fresh compositions, I will continue to pursue it.  As soon as it becomes tiresome or boring, I will look for something new."

Over the past twenty years Gary's watercolors have been exhibited in several galleries and juried fine art shows across the country.  His award-winning paintings have been featured in American Artist magazine and on the cover of Artist Magazine.  Gary lives in Woodstock, Georgia with his wife, Karen, and their two children, Matt and Lauren.